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15 Facts You Must Know About Diabetes



I guess you must heard about  diabetes and it’s inter-relatonship with blood sugar or glucose and insulin?

I know you must have heard about the forms of diabetes and it’s varying symptoms?.
This article will give you more than enough facts you should know as diabetic patient or as a person who wish not acquire diabetes.

1.   Diabetes is the main cause of blindness in adults.

2. Adults who have diabetes are exposed to the risk of getting heart diseases by 2-4 times higher than adults who don’t have it.

3.   Type 2 diabetes generally have no symptoms.

4.   Diabetes during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) stops after pregrancy,but the victim has a higher risk of getting Type 2 diabetes in future.

5.   1/3 of diabetic patients still dont know they have diabetes.

6.   Diabetes occurs when  blood sugar increases  after meal with lack of insulin to break it down.

7. About 5% of all diabetic patients has type 1 diabetes,while about 90% has Type 2.

8. There are 3 main forms of diabetes, Type 1 , Type 2 and gestational diabetes.

9. Type 2 can be conveniently prevented based on your body fitness,which can be achieved by eating balanced diet, doing physical excercises and moderating your weight


10.   Type 1 diabetes occurs when an immune reaction or reponse destroys the Pancreas,when this happens ,insulin will not be produced again .

11.    Type 2 diabetes occurs when there is a sort of resistance between the body tissues and insulin.

12.   More risk factors that can make you diabetic includes high blood pressure, obesity, physically inactive, high cholesterol, having a family  that has diabetes in history etc.

13. Diabetic patients are 2x likely to suffer depression.

14.   Diabetic patients can still take carbohydrate but in a controlled quantity.

15. Diabetes can retard the functions of the kidney by destroying the blood cells in  the kidney .


Stay free from diabetes today by eating good and balanced diet, do a lot of physical excercise, maintain your body weight  and control your blood sugar levels.


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