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How You Can Prevent Diabetes (7 Tips)

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Diabetes is one of those few ailments  that cannot be cured,so there is huge need for  you to do everything within your ability to prevent it.

This article is going to give you some effective tips or measures with which you can stay risk-free from diabetes.

1.  Regular Excercise

Regular excercise plays a huge role to keep you off diabetes , when you excercise regularly then you will feel more stronger and healthier.
Regular excercise helps  to balance your blood sugar levels and gives no room for diabetes.

2.  Minimize Your Alcohol Intake

People who drinks more alcohol have higher risk to acquire diabetes because alcohol can give rise to an increase in your blood sugar levels. If you want to keep diabetes away, be mindful of the quantity which drink alcohols.

3.   Regular Checkup

If you really want to avoid diabetes then you have to be going for frequent health checkups so as to know your present blood pressure and sugar levels.

4.  Quit Smoking

Smokers have greater risk of being diabetic.
Inorder to stay free from diabetes , then you have to quit smoking.


5.  Eat Balanced Diet

Managing your diet can help you a lot to stay free from diabetes.Mind the rate at which you eat fatty foods,eat foods like fruits,vegetables , grains , fibrous food etc.

6.  Have Enough Sleep

Someone who really want to remain safe from diabetes should sleep atleast 7-8 hours daily,this will help to balance your blood pressure

7.  Minimize your Salt Intake

It’s no recent news that excess salt increases blood pressure,If you want live healthy from diabetes , take less salt.

I just hope this tips help!


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