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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Odour

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Body odour is the offensive or pungent smell that oozes out from the body of a person caused by excessive sweating , bacterias etc.

Body odour kills the social life of a person by bringing you down to the lowest esteem immediately people notices it. One cannot really know if he has body odour, but people around you can testify to that. Normally, body odour can be temporarily  eradicated with body sprays or lotions,but you can get rid of it permanently by some natural remedies. The aim of this article is to tutor you on some home or natural remedies with which you can get rid of body odour.

Mind The Type Of Clothes You Wear

Clothes made of cotton are good options of fabrics you wear to get rid of body odour. Some clothings  attract a lot of heat to the body thereby causing the body to sweat excessively which results to body odour.

Don’t Neglect  Your Underarms/Armpit

The underarms is one the major regions that gives you body odour when you don’t take good care of it. Hairy underarms creates room for sweating and growth of bacterias which gives rise to body odour, So inorder to stay safe,make sure you always shave your underarms atleast every 7days , rub your underarms with deodorants or lemon juice after each bath to keep that body odour away.


Wash Your Feet After Removing Your Shoes

We all know how the feet stinks after removing the shoes.This smell should be eradicated immediately by taking your bath or washing your feet .This can go a long way to help you get rid of the odour.

Take Your Bath Regularly With Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is a very strong and effective natural antiseptic which kills all sort of bacterias it crosses path with. Herbalists have recommended this to people to get rid of body odour.This can be easily done by by adding extracted tomato juice to water and have a body wash with it.

NOTE: This tomato juice remedy can also be applied internally by simply drinking extracted tomato juice atleast 2-3 times daily to get rid of bacterias in the body.

By applying Natural Antibacterials and Antiseptics To the Body

Antibacterials/ Antiseptics Lemon , Lime , Apple Cidar Vinegar , baking soda etc can be a very effective remedy to get rid of body odour.


– Cut one fresh lemon into two, extract the juice and rub it on your underarms and other parts of your that skin produces a lot of sweat leave it to dry.
– Wash it off or better a take a shower


Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with lemon juice and apply it on your underarms , wash it off when ot dries.

Add some of this solution to your water and take a shower with.
These steps should be done 2-3 times daily for a relief.


Other Remedies Includes:

– Always make sure  you keep your skin dry always , wet or moist skin  promotes the growth of bacteria.

– Quit smoking , smokers always have body odour.

– Drink a good quantity of water daily

– Always shave your pubic regions regularly

– Mind the quantity at which you eat foods like onions , garlic , ginger etc.

– Eat good quantity of  green vegetables  especially the ones containing chlorophyll supplements which can act as natural deodorizers and make you smell nice.


All the above remedies works effectively , If after doing all these remedies without getting a positive result,then there is urgent need for you to see the doctor.




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