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Why Should Eat More Vegetables Daily



Vegetables are essential for your body to be on a standard working condition. There quite a lot of good things vegetables can add to your body.

Vegetables are rich in fibre, antioxidants , vitamins and many more. Vegetables are also very good option to gain weight loss because of it’s low calorie or fat content. The purpose for this article is to enlighten you with reasons on why you should add more vegetables to your daily diet.


Vegetables Improves Your Eye Sight

Vegetables containig antioxidants , lutein , zeaxanthin helps to improve your sight, keeping you risk-free from future blindness or eye disorders. Examples of these vegetables are carrots , spinach , green beans , broccoli etc.

Vegetables Reduces The Risk Of  Diabetes

It has been discovered that people who eat more vegetables daily are slightly free from the risk of diabetes. A UK study has found out that  people who eat more vegetables are 14% risk -free  from diabetes. Vegetables lowers the absorption of sugar from the bloodstreams thereby reducing the risk of diabetes. Examples of these vegetables are asparagus , garlic etc.

Vegetables Helps To Improve The Skin Texture

Vegetables containing carotenoids helps to improve the skin by making it appear shinny and glowing. Examples of these vegetables are melons , red pepper etc.

Vegetables Helps to Prevent The body Against Diseases

Vegetables like the  sweet potatoes is very rich in potassium which helps to fight against kidney stone, tooth decay etc.Vegetables rich in antioxidants also help to prevent cancer.


Vegetables Have Low Calorie or Fat Content

Vegetables helps to achieve weight loss because of it’s low calorie content.It is scientifically impossible for someone whp eats more vegetables to get fat. For those that want to drop some weight, try eating more vegetables and less carbohydrates to achieve weight loss faster. 

Others include.

●   Vegetables help to boost the immune system

●   Vegetables help to increase sexual urge or Libido

●   Green and leafy vegetables helps to lower the blood pressure.

Vegetables help to improve the health status of a person, it’s function should never be underestimated.

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2 thoughts on “Why Should Eat More Vegetables Daily

  1. Reblogged this on Diabetes Type 1 and the Business World and commented:
    Very true! Vegetables will help you a lot with Diabetes and can contribute to a satisfying and successful life!


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