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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Fruits

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Fuits are well known for  being good sources of minerals and vitamins and other essential nutrients like folic acid, potassium  , fiber etc.

There are quite good number of reasons why you should eat more fruits daily to enhance a more healthy life. Some of these advantages are;


Fruits Help To Prevent The Body From Certain Diseases

Fruits containing potassium helps to prevent the against kidney diseases, enhance good bone formation and structuring,also helps to limit the risk of acquiring heart diseases.

Some Fruits Are Good Source Of Fibre

Fruits containg fibre helps  to strengthen and keep the heart and the digestive system in a good working condition.Some fruits containing fibre are avocados , pears, raspberries,blackberries etc.

Fruits Enhances good working of The Memory

Fruits are commonly known as the best Brain  Fuel. Fruits helps to accelerate the performance of the brain thereby making it easier to recall and recollect information from the memory faster and easier.


Fruits Contains Less or No Cholesterol

The risk of excess consumption of cholesterol found in meat and other foods can be maintained by eating good  ammount of fruits.Cholesterol is dangerous to the body,taking fruits can help reduce the risk of high intake of cholesterol.

Fruits Are Made Up Of Healing Abilities

Fruits can simply be a medicine to some diseases or ailments.Constipation and some excretory disorders or complications can be easily be cured with fruits like the citrus species.

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