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10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

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Water is very important for human living,without water there will be no survival. There are dozens of function water can do in the body which most of us never knew, so am using this medium to reveal to you some of the major functions water can do in the body.


1.   Water Helps To Achieve Weight Loss

A lot of people are reading articles , magazines and newspapers on how to drop some weight,i think am providing  you now one of the core factors to achieve weight loss. Water helps to  remove by-products of fats in the body , reduces the rate of food intake which leads to weight loss.

2.   Water Helps To Stabilize The Body Fluids

Drinking a good quantity of water daily helps to balance the body fluids, which helps in the transportation of nutrients round the body and  in the regulation of body temperature.

3.    Water enhances  Better skin color and texture.

Regular consumption of water helps to build new cells in our skin thereby making our skin shinny and keeping the skin texture smooth.

4.   Water Relieves Fatique


More water helps to relieve fatique and thereby boosting the body energy.

5.   Water Helps To Prevent Cancer

Enough hydration of the body helps to prevent the body from cancerous diseases.
A recent study has it that more water reduces bladder cancer by 50% , colon cancer by 45% and also goes a long reduce  breast cancer.

6.   Water Helps To Remove unwanted Products from The Body

Enough Water in the body  helps to remove unwanted products of metabolism  and bacterias from the body through urine, sweat and faeces

7.   Water Helps To Ease Body Pains

Good quantity of water in the body helps to  relieve body pains by lubricating the joints, elasticize the muscles and ease body aches.

8. Water Helps To Boost The Immune System

People who drink a lot of water are less prone to sickness because water helps to combat against diseases like flu , bacterias  ,heart attack and other dangerous ailments.

9.  Water Helps For Better Digestion

Water helps the body for proper digestion of food substances which prevents constipation.

10.  And lastly, death awaits a person who dont take enough water,because when there’s no water in the body  to execute all the above listed functions, then they person will simply die. And i guess none of you would want to die, So drink more water to remain booming with health!!!!



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