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Top Health benefits Of Sex

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This article may sound gross right? , but hell No!!.Sex is not only meant for procreation or as a means of getting ecstasy,there are so much health benefits which sex can offer to your health as a man or woman.

Health researchers have revealed some benefits which sex can offer to someone’s,So the purpose of this article is to highlight or reveal to you some benefits sex can add to your health which you never knew.

Sex Stabilizes Blood Pressure

Sex helps to lower the blood pressurr which helps you to adapt to stress or shock which can lead to high blood pressure.
Numerous research  or experiment has it that people who  have regular sex experiences less blood pressure complications during stress or shock.

Sex Boosts immunity

Peope who have sex regularly or frequently  have higher level of immunoglobulin which  boosts the immune system and helps to fight against diseases from the body.

Sex Strengthens The Heart

Sex helps to keep the heart in a very good condition , Experts have revealed that people who have regular sex are less likely to suffer heart diseases or attacks.

Sex Lowers The Risk Of  Suffering Cancer Diseases

Sex is a good shield for protection against cancer diseases.In men ,research has it that  regular sex enhances better prostate functions which  lowers the risk of suffering  prostate cancer.

Sex boosts Libido

Sex helps to boost libido both in men and women, because the more you do it  makes you want to keep doing it.

Sex Helps To Burn Calories

Research has it  that a man  burns 50-60 calories in each round of sex ,this helps to flush out waste products through calories and keep your body in a better physique.

Sex Elongates Life Span

Findings by experts has it that people that have regular sex  has a greater chance of living longer than those that doesnt.

Sex Induces Sleep

Oxytocin produced during sex helps to
induce sleep, thats why most people tend to
fall asleep immediately after sex.



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