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Top Remedies To Get Rid Of Tooth Ache Or Pains



Toothaches are being caused by some number of factors or conditions which may include  tooth infection,gum infections,bruxism,tooth decay etc.It is very important  have a proper dental examination  to know the causes and then know the remedies to follow and combat it.

However some natural or home remedies can help to stop it , but if after none of these remedies am going  to highlight doesn’t work for you,then there is need for you to see a doctor.

Ice Block

Ice block helps to soothe or relieve your tooth ache for some period of time.Fold some ice cubes with towel or cotton and hold it on your cheek exactly the region where the particular tooth is aching you.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most important of all home remedies,it will help to stop a tooth ache caused by sore tooth. Rinse your mouth with a mixture of water and baking soda  and see the effect.


Garlic has anti-biotic properties which helps to reduce pain and also provide a fast relief for tooth ache. Chew 2-3 cloves of garlic or you may also crush it and mix it with salt then apply to the affected tooth.


Salt water can help to stop inflammation and kill the bacteria that caused the infection.Swoosh or rinse your mouth with a mixture of warm water and salt,you can repeat this method as much as you can.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This remedy can help to stop tooth ache very fast depending on how often it’s done.Rinse your mouth with a dilute solution of water and hydrogen peroxide.


Onions is made up of anti-microbal and antiseptic properties which aids to kill the infection that caused the ache.Simply chew raw onions or put an onion on the affected tooth and leave it for some time to act on it.


Other remedies include

● Cucumber

● Tea Tree oil

●  pepper

●  plantain

●   Lime

●   Peppermint

●   Ginger

●   Apple cider vinegar

●   Lemon
I just hope any of these works for you



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