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Top Remedies To Get Rid Of Frequent Urination


Frequent urination is the urge to to urinate more often in short intervals which can be  very frustrating , stressful and embarrasing.

In a normal human body, the need or urge  to urinate may range from 4-8 times daily,if exceeded,then there is a bladder disorder or malfunction. It simply implies that the urethra carries urine from the bladder out of the body and when the urethra lining is infected by inflammation,the urge to urinate frequently arises.
There are some foods that should be avoided to stop frequent urination,they are;

●   beverages

●    vinegar

●    nuts

●    rhubarb

●    fermented foods

●    strawberries

●    spinach

●    red   meat

●    baked foods  etc.

    However , there are some foods you will take that can  take while treating frquent urination,these foods are ;

●    potatoes

●    bananas

●    cranberries

●    squash

●    blueberries

●    brown rice

●     barley and all other foods that contain fiber.


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