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Top Remedies To Get Rid Of Genital Itching

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One of the most common problems being faced by men and women today is itching of the genitals.
Genital itching can be caused by some few reasons ranging from men to the women. Genital itching
in women can be caused by lack of hygiene after sexual activities,yeast infection,wearing of tight
underwears or clothes while in men,it is caused by obesity,wearing tight underwears, weak immune system
or excessive sweating.

Fortunately,genital itching can be stopped or cured by some natural remedies which am going to list below.

Listerine is made up of anti-septic,anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which makes it a perfect remedy for genital


Rub the listerine on the affected part with cotton and leave it till it dries.
Repeat this action 2-3 times daily for a faster relief.


Garlic is made up of strong anti-bacterial properties that can give you a complete relief faster.


Grind 2-3 cloves of garlic, and mix it with little water, then apply it on your genitals. It relieves
this infection instantly.

Apple cidar vinegar is a great remedy to cure genital itching because it contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
properties,this apple cidar vinegar can also be a remedy to some other skin infections.


Mix apple cidar vinegar with warm water,use it and wash the infected areas and allow it to dry on its own,repeat this action
2-3 times daily especially before going to sleep.

Salt has ant-bacterial properties which can stop the itching instantly,just make sure you mix little salt with water
any time you feel the itching,this works perfectly.

Tea tree oil has anti-fungal properties that can treat genital itching effectively and other skin infections.


Apply it on the affected skin twice daily with cotton,repeating this step can cure genital itching in few days.


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  1. Very very good to know this things


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