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Top 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are rainbow-like coloured stripes
that appears on the skin as a result of slight weight
or stretching effects.

It normally appears
on the hips , breasts , backs , arms and buttocks during
pregnancy , hormonal changes and puberty.It has many ways
through which it can be removed, some of these are them.
1. Stretch marks can be removed by eating foods rich in
protein , vitamin c and zinc.Some of these foods are milk,salad,orange,
fish etc.

2. Creams containing RETIN-A are effective
in removing stretch marks.

3. Folic acid is also ideal in getting rid of stretch marks.

4. Vaseline creams are also effective in stretch marks removal.

5. Vegetables like onions , cucumber , cabbages , carrots
contains vitamin k which helps in removing scars and stretch

6. Lemon contains citrus acid ,citrus acids helps to
combat bacterias on the skin,so lemon juice can be applied on the affected
areas to get rid of stretch marks.

7. Aloe vera is very effective on various skin
disorders,and stretch marks are not left out,aloe vera gel
can be directly applied on the skin to remove stretch marks.

8. Egg whites are very rich in amino acids and proteins
,so to remove stretch marks,extract and mix the whites of two or more egg whites
and apply it on the areas with the aid of a cotton or brush, then wash it off
with clean water when it has dried.

9. Regular massaging of the affected areas with cocoa butter can very much
effective to get rid of stretch marks.

10. Olive oil is very rich in nutrients and antioxidants which helps to
fight skin diseases,olive can be applied on the affected area to get rid of stretch


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

  1. Unfortunately have got this all over my tighs. will apply this method of yours to see if surely will work.


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