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Top 5 Foods That Combats Cancer

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Cancer is one the most dreadest and feared disease,It comes in different forms ,so its better when you prevent it.Here are some foods that can help combat cancer.

     Ginger is made up of anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight against cancer,So you can increase the quantity of ginger you consume so as to stay cancer free.

2.   BEANS

       Beans contains a lot of fiber and fatty acids which helps to provide shield against cancer and also stop
its spread.


       Red wine contains a chemical called ‘Resveratrol’ which has been made known by doctors as anti-cancer agent. Recent study has recommended to take a glass of red wine daily to stay free from cancer.


        Tomatoes contains a phytochemical named lycopene which is known to be a hot rival of cancer diseases,so increase your tomatoe intake today and stay away from cancer.



        Carrots are not only important for the eyes but also have been discovered as a  cancer fighter,especially prostate cancer,so you can actually boost your chances of not getting infected with cancer by eating more carrots.




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