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5 Natural Remedies To get Rid Of Stained Or Browny Teeth

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White sparkling  teeth  makes one look more attractive , younger and healthy.

But  it’s not everybody can maintain their white teeth as it appeared when they were born due to some causes like drinking tea or coffee,intake of tobacco or smoking,high level of fluoride in water etc. Instead of wasting a lot of money in buying teeth whitening products , you can actually restore your white teeth back by using some natural and easy methods for whitening your teeth. Below-listed are some of the home remedies to embark to achieve a sparkling teeth.

*   SALT is considered to be one the best dental cleansing agents. It helps to replenish lost minerals  in the teeth so as to bring back its whitish nature,So it can be used as a powder for brushing the teeth.

*   LEMON is known for its  ability to combat bacterias,so it can also be used to achieve teeth whitening,so you can brush your teeth directly with lemon peels to achieve your purpose.

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE‘s ability as a bleaching agent makes it possible for it to whiten  the teeth,so you can rinse your teeth with a mouthwash containing hydrogen peroxide.
NOTE: Make sure you dont swallow any bit of this substance.

ORANGE PEEL is made up of  vitamin c and calcium which helps to combat micro-organisms and bacteria present in the mouth,so you can rub it on your teeth everything and see it magic effect after 7-14 days.

*    BAKING SODA is also rated to be among the best susbstances with the ability to bring back a decoloured teeth, so you can mix it with your normal toothpaste and brush your teeth with it and then rinse with water.

I just hope this helps!!!!


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