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Top 10 Foods That Increases Sexual Urge Or Libido


One of the most common problems faced by both men
and women in today’s world is the reduction in sexual
urge and desire or low libido.

It can
be triggered by both internal as well as external cues. If
you are also feeling the decrease in the sex drive than
before, then you might be facing some medical
condition. There are many foods that will help in driving
your sexual desire and increasing your libido. But, if
these natural foods fail, then you need to consult a


Oysters boosts the dopamine
levels which boosts libido in men and
women. Oysters are also high in zinc which
is essential for testosterone production and
healthy sperm.


Chocolates contains phenylethlamine that help in creating a
sense of excitement in you.
• Eating chocolates everyday will help you in increasing
your sexual drive or libido


Watermelon is reffered to as a natural Viagra with no
side effects.
• They produce L-citrulline, an amino acid, which helps
in enhancing the blood flow to sexual organs.
• It will also help in boosting nitric oxide in the body
which takes away the fatigue, mental and sexual
dysfunction factor away.


Regular consumption of raw garlic will help in boosting your
sexual drive. The heat in the garlic is the main thing that will help in
increasing your sexual drive.
• It contains allicin that helps in improving blood flow to
the sexual organs. Take it daily and see the effect after a month.

6.     BANANAS

Bananas contain potassium and Vitamin B. It will help
in increasing the libido in men as it contains bromelain
• Take one or two ripe bananas everyday to increase
your sexual desire and to boost testosterone levels.


This is a  good source of folic acid. They will help
in providing energy to the body and will also aid in easy
protein metabolism.
• Avocados help in increasing libido in men and women.
• The Vitamin B6 helps in boosting production of male
• The potassium in avocado helps in increasing female
libido and also regulating the thyroid glands in women.

8.     CHILIES

This contains capsaicin ,
Capsaicin promotes the release of
chemicals that can raise your heart rate and
trigger the release of endorphins that give
you a natural high, which boosts libido


Peanuts contains  L-arginine and will help in
especially increasing libidos in men.
• The L-arginine in peanuts has been proven to also
improve the erectile dysfunction in men.
• The amino acids in peanuts help in relaxing the blood
vessels and thereby improve blood circulation.


pumpkin seeds are high in zinc
which is essential for healthy sperm
production and preventing testosterone
deficiency in men. They are also loaded
with libido vitamins and minerals like
vitamin B, E, C, D, K and minerals including
calcium, potassium, niacin and


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