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MALE INFERTILITY: Causes , Preventions And Treatment

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Male infertility is a process by which a male is unable to impregnate a fertile female. Infertility
can be caused by different factors including environmental and chemical factors. The purpose of this
article is to give you the causes,preventions and treatments of infertility so as to help you remain fertile.


* High intake of  drugs and alcohols can lead to infertility

* Obesity increases the risk of becoming infertile

* Genetic complications such as ‘Robertsonia translocation’ can lead to infertility

* Abnormal set of chromosomes

* Malaria

* Testicular cancer

* Infections like ‘prostatitis’ can lead to infertility

* Ejaculation abnormalities

* Tumors

* Undescended testicles

* Hormonal imbalances

* Exposure to industrial chemicals

* contact with heavy metals

* Radiation

* Overheating of the testicles


* Avoid excessive heat to the testes

* Avoid heavy intake of marijuana,alcohols and hard drugs

* Reduction of stress

* Keep the weight off

* Avoid contacts or exposure to chemicals,heavy metals and toxins

* Avoid contacting STD’s

* Wearing loose-fitting underwear


* Avoid taking bath with very hot water

* Taking hormonal supplements to improve hormone imbalance

* Regular intake of antibiotics to heal infections

* Taking medications that boost sperm production

* Treatment of of hypothalamic or pituitary abnormalities


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