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12 Ways Through Which Smoking Can Harm Your Health

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Most people have  ignored the consequences of smoking to a smoker’s health
and continued with the intake of smoking cigarette and tobacco.

Cigarettes contains about 600 ingredients,when they burn,
they generate more than 7000 chemicals according to the AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION (A.L.A).
Tobacco smoke is very harmfu lto your health,one of the ingredients of tobacco is a mood-catalyst
drug called Nicotine,Nicotine goes to your brain a matter of seconds. It’s stimulates
the central nervous system so fast, so it makes you gain a lot of energy for a little while.
As the effect decreases,you feel very tired.
However, without wasting much more time, let me get back to the real reason for this article
which is to let you kn ow the numerous ways which smoking will affect your health.

* It leads to poor vision

* Smokers are liable to lung cancer

* It leads to stained teeth

* It causes smelly hair

* Smokers are liable to diabetes complications

* It causes erectile dysfunction

* In women , it can lead to early menopause

* It decreases oxygen to the heart and to other body tissues

* It increases blood pressure and heart beat

* It makes you to be prone to get infected with any disease that crosses your path.

* Smokers are liable to impotency or infertility

* Smokers have weaker bones than non smokers

* It speeds up mental decline


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